Five illegal aliens affiliated with MS-13 charged in murder of 15-year-old Maryland boy

Police have arrested 5 unlawful aliens believed to have murdered a 15-year-old Maryland boy. Limber Lopez Funez of Frederick was first reported missing on Feb. 25. The next day, detectives … Read More

Man charged in human smuggling case at Canada border pleads not guilty; parents, 2 children froze to death

A Florida man pleaded not responsible to fees stemming from a lethal human smuggling case on the border between the US and Canada, Grand Forks Herald reported Saturday. Steve Shand, … Read More

Homeowner who shot alleged home burglar and left him in a ‘pool of blood’ in his bathroom will not be charged, Texas police say

A house owner in Texas is not going to be charged after he shot a suspected burglar and left him in a “pool of blood” in his lavatory in line … Read More

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