SILENE – Catchfly, Annual Flower Information


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SILENE - Catchfly, Annual Flower Information

SILENE – Catchfly

(From the Greek for saliva, referring to the stickiness of the stems of some species)

The Sweet-William Catchfly, Silene armeria, is a little-known but worthy annual and grows 1 to 2 feet tall. The flowers are delicate pink or rose-colored and are produced in compound cymes, each flower with a short stem, thus differing from a similar though biennial species, S. compacta (orientalis), which has very dense heads of bloom. The leaves of S. armeria are gray and smooth, as are the stems.

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Where to Plant. In addition to the rockery, border, or cutting garden, the Sweet-William Catchfly should be known to be appreciated.

GENERAL. Sow the seeds in May out-of-doors where they are to grow or transplant from seed sown earlier indoors.

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