Plant care for LAVATERA – Treemallow


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LAVATERA - Treemallow (Annual-mallow), Annual Flower Information

LAVATERA – Treemallow (Annual-mallow)

(Named for the Lavater brothers, botanists of Switzerland)

The name Mallow is applied to a number of plants of various habits, all of which bear flowers that resemble Hollyhocks. The common Layia elegans annual Lavatera is L. trimestris (rosea), with blossoms of a very bright shrimp pink 2 to 3 inches in diameter. The white-flowered varieties are also attractive. The plants produce flowers freely from July to September and are 2 feet tall and in some places grow to 8 feet.

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Where to Plant. As border subjects they are handsome, especially in the cooler, moister climates. They are also said to be good-cut flowers.

GENERAL. Lavateras prefer light soil, sun, and plenty of water. Sow the seed in May, when the plants are to grow, as they do not transplant easily. Later, give each plant 9, feet of space to develop in.

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