Plant care for PHACELIA, Annual Flower Information


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PHACELIA, Annual Flower Information


(Named from the Greek for the cluster; refers to the clustering of flowers)

The best-known sort is Phacelia campanularia, the Harebell Phacelia, which bears Gentian-blue, bell-shaped flowers with contrasting white stamens on one-sided curved racemes. The plants grow 9 inches tall and are somewhat hairy. They remain in bloom for a long time, the flowers being produced in one-sided curving clusters. P. whitlavia, the Bluebell P., grows 18 inches tall, differing from the above in having a swollen corolla tube three times as long as the lobes.

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Where to Plant. Phacelias are excellent edging plants for blue effects and are admirably suited to the rockery. They may be grown in pots in a cool greenhouse.

GENERAL. The seeds may be sown in the open ground in May. It will be well to pinch back a few of the plants while young; this will delay flower production but result in well-formed plants. These plants prefer full sun and light soil. Let them stand 8 inches apart.

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