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You’d have to look far and wide for someone who hasn’t been stung by an insect at one point or another.  It’s not pleasant in any situation, but bees and wasps especially can inflict some real discomfort if you run afoul of them. In a small minority of cases, allergic reactions to the venom injected can be life-threatening, a condition known as “anaphylaxis.” Find out more about wasps and bee stings with Dr. Joe Alton in this segment.

Plus, a lot bigger but, thankfully, a lot rarer, is an encounter with a shark. About 25 species are known to attack humans, some provoked, some not so much. There are a lot more people these days (more than 8 billion, and they’re heading to the beach in the summer. Find out about how to prevent a shark attack, what to do if you’re in the water with sharks, and what to do if you witness an attack.

Also in this episode, Nurse Amy goes into specifics on how to make your own ointments, a useful skill for the off-grid pharmacist. When the drugs run out, you’ll still have herbs if you start your garden now, and these can be compounded into ointments with medicinal benefits.

All this and more from Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy in the Survival Medicine Podcast!

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