46 Weeks of Canning Challenge


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I am challenging myself to 48 weeks of canning. Come and join me. I will be sharing here what I am doing and on my new YouTube channel. I will share a link to it as soon as it is up and running. ( I am working on that right now).

I  started this on the third week of February since I had covid and the flu in January and the first week of February.

So you ask how winter isn’t garden season? There are a lot of things that can be canned all year long. In the winter I like to can soups, meats, things that need to be cleaned out of the freezer, and make jellies with the fruit in the freezer. So yes there is a lot that you can do all year long.

I do buy fruit and veggies from the store when on sale and can a bunch of them. Things that don’t grow here or things I didn’t grow enough of.

With inflation going up and things getting harder to find it is probably a good idea to store what you can, while you can.

For week 1, I canned 10 ½ pints of mushrooms that I found on a clearance sale.

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For week 2, I canned 20 pints, 21 quarts of chicken broth. I found 4 rotisserie chickens marked down so I used the meat, then boiled the bones with onions, carrots, and some celery from the freezer for broth. After I strained it I added some store-bought broth. I found the cartons on sale for a dollar a few weeks ago and bought several. I don’t like to store them in the cartons so I put them into jars for longer-term storage.

For week 3, I canned 18 pints of milk.

For week 4, 10 pints of Ghee

For week 5, 4 Quarts of Green Chili, 3 quarts of milk

Who wants to join me? Let’s see how much we can get put on the shelves in our deep pantries.

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