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It has been a pretty busy month between chemo, Joleens baby shower and having company, but I was able to get some stuff canned and dehydrated.

I am wanting to try and do something at least once a week if not every day. It will depend on how I feel though. I am wanting to get back in the swing of things. I have kinda slacked off because of being sick, but I think I need to keep doing what I was doing before getting the diagnosis. Although it takes me a little longer to get anything done haha.

I am going to try and post how I am doing the canning/dehydrating/freezing on my YouTube channel.

Here is what I was able to get done.

100% Kona Coffee

30 Quarts of Chipoltie Tomatoes
31 Quarts of Rotel
40 Pints of Rotel
11 pints of mushrooms
20 pints green chili
24 pints green chili sauce
12 pints garlic cloves
7 Quarts peaches
8 Pints chock cherry jelly
4 pounds corn dehydrated
½ gallon dehydrated spinach
½ gallon dehydrated strawberries
2 Gallons bananas
29 bags of 2 cups onions and peppers frozen

I think this is all I got done. I do have a bunch of green peppers, mushrooms. pumpkins, eggs, and jalapenos to get done in the next couple of days.

What were you able to get preserved in October?

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