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Truth is SHTF has been here since 2021. In some places in America, you could argue it has been there much longer.

For the people who live in West Garfield Park, Chicago, where crime is 357% higher than anywhere else in the city, SHTF has long arrived. This is just one example.

There is no reason we should deny what we are seeing and what we know to be true. In fact, our waiting around for some great “event” like in a Hollywood movie is doing nothing to benefit us.

We should all be prepping and living as though we are facing a historic crisis because we are!

This will be much clearer when we go over the SHTF indicators and you can see just how far down the road we already are. The most dangerous thing a prepper can do right now is to wait.

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We should not be looking to the sky for further signs that trouble is on the horizon. To do that is to ignore all the trouble that is laid at our feet.

SHTF Is In The Headlines

Headlines that once only had a home on prepper websites are now mainstream on every three-letter tv media outlet.

Keywords like economic collapse, inflation, World War III, and civil unrest are always popping up and the general public is starting to take notice.

Below we have some incredible headlines from 2023 that verify we are living in SHTF

It's Already HereSuspected Chinese Spies, Disguised as Tourists, Tried to Infiltrate Alaskan Military Bases (Source)

How far away are we from WWIII? Can it be avoided?

The real question that you should be asking is: Are we already fighting WWIII?

We know that the war between Russia and Ukraine is actually a war between Russia and NATO. We also know that tensions over Taiwan have reached dangerous levels.

What about all those train derailments and food plant fires?

‘It Feels Post-Apocalyptic’: Longtime San Francisco Resident Calls City a ‘Hellhole’ (Source)

Across America some of our greatest cities have fallen into SHTF thanks to defunding and attacking police, an open border that is pouring China-made, Cartel delivered fentanyl that is zombifying Americans before killing them off to the tune of nearly 100,000 a year!

Our greatest cities are crumbling, and Americans are leaving them in droves because this is SHTF.

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Third of Working Families Can’t Afford Basic Needs: Study (Source)

Inflation and overall economic downturn, coupled with America’s addiction to debt, families all over the nation are suffering. It doesn’t show up on their social media posts, but it shows up on their bank balances.  1 in 4 American homeowners is house poor.

SHTF Indicators

When I came to realize that “It’s already here,” it wasn’t about throwing something at the wall and seeing what sticks. This came from observing several different indicators over at least 5 years. This also comes from understanding how the future will play out to some extent.

While I could give you data from countless articles like the ones listed above, I think it would be better if we did this SHTF Indicators section in more of a question-and-answer layout. I will ask you the questions and you think them over before giving your honest opinion.


It's Already Here

The USA has a few problems, but the one on everyone’s minds right now is inflation. Rising prices mean our income buys less and our savings are losing value.

Since we all know inflation is too high, I will ask you these questions about the future.

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  1. Based on the actions of the government, will inflation go up or down in the next year?
  2. Are you confident that your dollar will be worth more or less in the next 5 years?


  1. Does the nation feel safer today than it did 10 years ago?
  2. How about the area where you live?

Civil Unrest

  1. Is the nation more or less divided than it was 10 years ago?
  2. Are we on a road to unity or a road to civil war?

Quality Of Life

  1. Since 2020, has your quality of life improved?
  2. Are your children living a better life now than they were 5 years ago?
  3. How have your personal relationships outside the home changed in the last 5 years?


  1. Are we at war with Russia?
  2. Are we taking steps to avoid war with China?
  3. Is our military prepared to fight a superpower?

Lack Of Trust

  1. How many people do you trust in your life, today?
  2. What government agencies do you trust?
  3. Who do you trust with your money?

It’s time to stop looking to the horizon for the next big threat. We all need to look around us and realize that SHTF is here.

Even if you are happy and healthy in your suburban home tucked away from the chaos, you must understand that NOW is the time to be prepping more than you ever have!

For years I have been writing articles about what it might look like, what to do before the moment arrives, and how much of what you should have on hand.

I have kept a hard eye on the horizon myself for at least 10 years. After 2020 we settled into the idea of SHTF and never looked back.

By the spring of 2021, it became very clear to me that we were living in an SHTF situation. We were not waiting for SHTF to arrive anymore.

It had come and those who were prepared were going to fair much better than those who had not prepared.

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