Does Everything Happen for a Reason?

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As a consequence of time
restraints brought on by my shifting out-of-state, Skeptical Religion for the following few
weeks can be, as they are saying in present biz, “encore shows.” This
one was revealed in 2018.

Writing in America Journal, Eloise Blondiau describes writer Kate
Bowler’s view of life earlier than being identified with most cancers.

“It was certainty, plain and easy, that God had a worthy plan
for my life wherein each setback would even be a step ahead.”

However after her analysis, Bowler appeared to surrender on
philosophizing, succumbing as a substitute to a kind of desperation.

“On daily basis I prayed the identical prayer: ‘God save me. Save me. Save
me. Oh God, keep in mind my child boy. Bear in mind my son and my husband earlier than you
return me to ashes. Earlier than they stroll this earth alone.’”

Her three questions, widespread to folks going via private
crises: “Why?” “God, are you right here?” and “What does this struggling imply?”

“God Wanted an Angel”

What feedback did she hear from others? “God is writing a greater story;” or
“God has a greater plan;” or, maybe worst of all, “God wanted an angel,”
Bowler including, “as a result of God is sadistic like that.” And, after all, “The whole lot
occurs for a motive.”

The implication of the final remark prompted Bowler to put in writing a
memoir known as “The whole lot Occurs for a Cause and Different Lies I’ve Beloved,” and
to ask a fourth query: “If the trustworthy are rewarded with well being, are the
terminally sick not trustworthy sufficient?”

So, Bowler’s certainty about life gave approach to her pleading “with a
God of Possibly, who could or could not let me acquire extra years. It’s a God I like,
and a God that breaks my coronary heart.”

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People have at all times tried to reply Bowler’s questions. Why are
some folks seemingly untroubled, apparently having few difficulties, and I’ve
most cancers, or my marriage is breaking apart, or I’ve misplaced my job or my baby has

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Is God behind this? Have I performed one thing to offend him/her?
Ought to I’ve been a greater particular person? How can I get on his/her good aspect so these
horrible issues don’t occur?

We merely don’t know the solutions to those questions, and we discover it laborious to simply accept that faith doesn’t provide certainty. God has
intervened in human historical past, I consider, however he/she designed a world that’s
each stunning and scary and one over which we now have restricted management and in
which God appears reluctant to intervene. He/she hasn’t promised to make it
completely different and even higher. We’re anticipated to try this.

Many individuals look to the e-book of Job within the Hebrew Bible for
solutions to the issue of why unhealthy issues occur to good folks.

The unknown writer, who wrote the e-book between the 7th and
5th centuries earlier than Christ, supplies a narrative of a in all probability
legendary Job who’s trustworthy to God and has the whole lot going for him earlier than the
rug is pulled out from beneath him, all a part of God’s means of testing his

Punishment for Private Wrongdoing?

Job’s buddies say his plight is punishment for private wrongdoing and he should
repent. Job rejects this view and ultimately appeals to God instantly. However
as a substitute of explaining divine justice, God asks how Job can problem a God who
has performed such wonders as creation of the world. Job apparently accepts this
rebuke, and in an epilogue, God restores Job’s fortunes. The message
appears to be that regardless of all our misgivings, we should always place our belief in God
that, in the end, all can be nicely.

So does the whole lot occur for a motive? Sure, however not essentially
within the sense that it’s all a part of God’s plan. Our marriages break up as a result of
of unhealthy selections or unhealthy luck; we get sick and die due to illness or previous age;
we lose our jobs due to poor enterprise selections, poor efficiency or
serendipity. Folks die in pure disasters as a result of the world shouldn’t be excellent.

That’s the best way of the world, and although faith doesn’t have all of the
solutions, it has many who matter essentially the most.


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